HubSpot Custom CMS Solution for Merisis Wealth

Boost client confidence with a professional website! This case study explores how HubOps crafted a custom cms solution website for Merisis Wealth.

Project Overview

Merisis Wealth marks our strategic expansion into Wealth Management, driven by a commitment to offering a custom cms solution to our clients’ financial portfolios. Recognizing specific client needs for enhanced financial opportunities and wealth preservation, we meticulously identify gaps in the market.

Our process involves a blend of Creative and functional approach, guiding Merisis to high-conviction product ideas sourced from reputable providers and platforms. These offerings are seamlessly integrated with our in-house capabilities, including a Category I AIF (Angel fund), curated PMSs (Debt and Equity), Unlisted Equity (Primary Startups, Secondaries), and Private credit solutions.

The website is Operating across diverse geographical regions Merisis services are bolstered by their skilled wealth management professionals and strategic partnerships with external specialists in allied investment domains and value-added services. In Merisis Wealth website, we’ve translated their commitment into action, ensuring their clients access a world of tailored features that has designed well in the website made by thehubops to optimize their wealth management experience.

custom cms solution - The HubOps

Client Background

Established in 2010, Merisis is a pioneering integrated financial advisor dedicated to empowering new-age business founders and High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) in their financial journeys.

With expertise in growth capital, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and wealth management, Merisis has successfully guided its clients through transactions totaling $3 billion, of which $1 billion is attributed to M&As alone. The firm boasts a team of over 30 skilled Investment Bankers and 75 Wealth Management professionals, strategically located in offices spanning across 6 cities. Merisis prides itself on delivering excellent financial solutions and personalized guidance, ensuring its clients to achieve their financial goals and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

It’s goal is to deliver unparalleled financial solutions tailored to our esteemed clientele. In a remarkably short span, Merisis has curated a diverse array of products and services, meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of our valued clients. As the architects of Merisis Wealth’s custom cms solution, we’ve crafted a website that mirrors our industry expertise, ensuring seamless navigation and providing comprehensive insights into our bespoke financial offerings. Explore their platform to embark on a journey of financial excellence and personalized wealth management.

Custom cms solution

Merisis Wealth, a leading wealth management firm, recently partnered with HubOps to develop a custom cms solution on the HubSpot platform. This collaboration aimed to empower Merisis Wealth with a user-friendly and scalable content management system to support their ongoing growth.

Our team designed and developed fully functional website pages that prioritize user experience and information clarity. Leveraging the power of HubSpot CMS, the website boasts a responsive design, ensuring optimal viewing and navigation across all devices. This ensures that Merisis Wealth can effectively communicate their services and expertise to a wider audience, regardless of how they choose to access the information.

Design Philosophy

Our collaboration with Merisis Wealth was more than just a project; it was an opportunity to encapsulate their wealth of experience and unwavering commitment within the digital landscape.

At HubOps, our approach to crafting Merisis Wealth’s website was grounded in principles of elegance, user-centricity, and the creation of a distinct visual identity on custom cms solution platform. We embarked on a meticulous design journey, focusing on developing stylish modules and incorporating generous white spacing. These intentional choices aimed to ensure the website not only radiated sophistication but also provided a seamless, engaging experience for every visitor.

Every element of the website’s design was meticulously curated, reflecting the precision and dedication synonymous with Merisis Wealth. Our goal was to construct an immersive digital environment where visitors could effortlessly delve into the depth of Merisis Wealth’s services. Stylish modules were strategically placed to guide visitors through a seamless flow of information, while the strategic use of white spacing enhanced readability and visual appeal.

Moreover, our user-centric approach played a pivotal role in shaping the website’s navigation pathways, ensuring easy access to vital information. The creation of a distinct visual identity was paramount; the website had to not only mirror Merisis Wealth’s professionalism but also convey their unique ethos and commitment to client success.

In essence, our collaboration with Merisis Wealth embodies the synergy of expertise and creativity. By amalgamating their profound industry knowledge with our innovative design strategies, we’ve redefined their digital landscape.

The custom cms solution website we’ve meticulously crafted not only reflects their legacy of excellence but also marks a new chapter in their digital journey. It sets the stage for enhanced engagement, greater accessibility, and a profound online presence befitting their esteemed reputation in the financial advisory arena. As Merisis Wealth embarks on this new digital era, they do so with a website that stands as a testament to their expertise, serving as a powerful tool to engage, inform, and inspire clients and partners alike.

Website Modules

1. Homepage: Homepage of Merisis wealth which is made on custom cms solution platform HubSpot showcase the financial opportunities. You can Explore customized solutions, insightful resources, & personalized strategies for wealth management.

2. About: Discover the rich legacy, core values, and the expertise that defines Merisis Wealth. Learn about the dedicated team and the principles guiding the commitment to unparalleled financial services.

3. Investment Solutions: Explore custom solutions designed for NRI’s, Working Professionals, Corporates, and Entrepreneurs. Uncover strategic pathways to financial success aligned with your unique needs.

4. Media and Publications: Dive into media footprint with a single page housing Press mentions, Podcast episodes, and Publications. Stay updated the insights, interviews, and expert analyses shaping the financial landscape.

5. Group Companies: Explore the diverse ventures and affiliations, showcasing the multidimensional approach in the financial domain. Learn about collaborative ventures, strategic partnerships, and industry influence.

6. Contact Us: Our dedicated team is just a message away. Connect with Merisis Wealth through Message, Phone call or by filling out the form so that the Support team and contact you back.


In a mere month, HubOps orchestrated an awe-inspiring digital transformation, designing a sophisticated HubSpot custom cms solution website that impeccably captures the essence of Merisis Wealth’s illustrious legacy in investment banking.

Through masterful design elements and strategic incorporation of white spacing, the HubSpot website seamlessly conveys Merisis Wealth’s outstanding track record, unparalleled reputation, and their distinctive approach to financial transactions. This digital metamorphosis not only reaffirms Merisis Wealth’s position as a trusted partner in the financial sector but also elevates them to a prominent stature.

The website, now a beacon of their expertise, serves as a powerful tool, meticulously crafted to showcase their achievements and profound industry knowledge, ensuring that their legacy of excellence resonates vibrantly in the digital sphere, establishing Merisis Wealth as a beacon of reliability and innovation in the world of finance. With every click, visitors are welcomed into a realm of financial brilliance, where expertise meets elegance, and where Merisis Wealth’s legacy is brilliantly illuminated, setting new standards of excellence in the financial industry.


In conclusion, Merisis Wealth stands as a beacon of commitment to transformative digital journeys, showcased through the collaboration with HubOps in crafting this exceptional HubSpot custom cms solution website. This case study not only epitomizes our expertise but also reflects our unwavering dedication to translating our clients’ visions into compelling digital narratives.

We take immense pride in our ability to transform aspirations into captivating online experiences, and Merisis Wealth’s website serves as a brilliant testament to this commitment.

If you are seeking to elevate your digital presence, amplify your achievements, and share your expertise with the world, we extend a heartfelt invitation to connect with us. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey, shaping your vision into a captivating online identity that resonates profoundly with your audience and encapsulates your unique essence, just as we have done for Merisis Wealth.

Let’s co-create a digital legacy that echoes your success and expertise, ensuring your online presence stands as a testament to your accomplishments, innovation, and excellence. Reach out to us, and let’s embark on this transformative digital odyssey together, crafting a lasting impact in the digital realm that mirrors your brilliance.

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