Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Our Security Vision

At HubOps, our security vision is to create a reliable, resilient, and immune environment in the ever-changing world of business. We are dedicated to protecting sensitive data and assets, while ensuring an environment that is safe and secure for our employees. environment for our employees and our clients.

Security Principles

  1. Protect: We deploy robust security safeguards that include physical, logical, as well as personnel security to protect assets and information from unauthorized access.
  2. Compliance: HubOps adheres to all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements that apply to all of its global activities.
  3. Consistency: The company ensures operational continuity in line with the needs of business and the obligations of the stakeholders.
  4. Responsibilities: Every department and every individual in HubOps is responsible for following this security policy.
  5. Security Awareness: Our goal is to increase security consciousness and competency across all levels of our staff members to take on their obligations.
  6. Information Reporting: Our system provides channels that allow stakeholders and associates to report security issues as well as violations or service interruptions.
  7. Response: HubOps provides a solid security framework that can address vulnerabilities, violations or service interruptions swiftly.
  8. Governance:  The company continuously monitors and improves its security capabilities to achieve our goals and goals.

Implementation and Enforce

This policy is implemented by this policy’s Security Management System, consisting of guidelines, standards and guidelines. It will be available to all those that are involved in the successful implementation of security standards.

Review and Application

We will periodically examine the effectiveness of our Security Management System to ensure it is relevant to our business and the changing expectations of our stakeholders.

Global Reach

This policy is globally applicable and applies to HubOps and its wholly-owned subsidiaries in all regions. The policy is in addition applicable to business partners, associates as well as external parties who have access to our IT infrastructure technology, IT systems, as well as information resources.


Infractions to this policy will have repercussions if the consequences are equal to the rest of HubOps associates, as well as those in completely owned subsidiaries as well as external third parties.